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With a battery that lasts up to 168 hours without charging, this system is suitable for virtually any location. Not only does this offer unprecedented security at locations that were previously impossible to monitor efficiently, but it also enables maximum mobility, as the system can be effortlessly relocated without having to worry about the power supply.

Designed such that anyone can install and maintain it

With the battery and electronics separate from each other, connecting the battery is as simple as sliding one part into other, which means anyone can replace a battery in mere seconds.

A battery that lasts

The battery lasts up to 168h (depending on battery version) without charging. With up to 600 charging cycles, the lifespan of the battery exceeds 10 years.

And, just like the system, battery performance can be monitored in the customer portal.

Stackable batteries

Possibility stack additional batteries for the next 7 days


General functionality
Product code - 032-S-NC-BAT
Battery type - Lithium Ion
Case material - Plastic, Aluminum
Color - White Bronze
Dimensions - 309x193x198mm (DxWxH)
Weight -11 kg

Capacity (nominal) - 156 Ah
Voltage (nominal) -14,4V
Connectivity - Compatible with
Battery level - State of charge (SoC) indicator
Heater - Built-in battery heaters


Communication protocols - RS485, I2C, SMBus
Operational temperature - From -20 to 60°C
Locking system - Sliding rail with locking mechanism
IK and IP class - IP65

*Technical specification is subject to change without notice.


EUR 1599*
* camera module is not included

A world where safety
is available to everyone